24/7 Helpdesk

Our technical support team will be on standby, ready to provide onsite or remote hardware and software assistance.

Never wait for technical support

There’s nothing complicated about our 24/7 Helpdesk program: your users can call at any time for help with any computer issue, no matter how large or small.

You can expect two things every time you call in for assistance. One: the technician assisting you will conduct a prompt, yet thorough, evaluation of the symptoms you describe. And two: they will get to work on a cure just as soon as the underlying cause is clear.

Whatever your issue may be, it will be addressed systematically so nothing is overlooked and so you understand exactly what’s being done. Transparency when delivering IT support helps build rapport and makes future discussions of similar problems progress faster.

The best part about our 24/7 Helpdesk isn’t necessarily that your employees can call at any time. It’s that their calls will be received by certified computer technicians with knowledge of your company’s IT needs -- either from prior first-hand experience or from our company dashboard.

Systems Chief LLC’s 24/7 Helpdesk service includes:

  • Fast responses - we’re on call 24/7 so you’ll never have prolonged downtime
  • Prior knowledge - we keep detailed records of prior projects and support calls
  • Onsite or remote repairs - we can visit your office or connect over the Internet
  • Predictable fees - a fair, fixed monthly fee gets you unlimited computer repairs
  • Friendly agents - we love optimizing clients’ IT, but customer service is at our core