VoIP Phone Systems

Voice-over-Internet phone calls save businesses money and provide users with an array of productivity-enhancing features.

Your landline system is less convenient

All it takes to switch to a feature-rich VoIP system is a straightforward software application and a reliable Internet connection.

Switching to VoIP is easy, and in addition to the ways it helps employees be more productive, it also saves businesses lots of money. Call quality is great, management is simple, adding new users is a breeze, and calling rates over the Internet are much cheaper.

One remarkable feature of VoIP phone systems is Find Me/Follow Me. It basically eliminates missed calls for good by routing employees’ desk extensions to any other device using a “virtual number” that will ring in multiple locations simultaneously or sequentially.

VoIP wouldn’t be an upgrade for upgrade’s sake. It will give you a high-performance phone system that guarantees prospects can reach you easily, customer service strengthens, and employee communications flourish.

Systems Chief LLC’s VoIP Phone Systems include:

  • Affordable local & long distance calling rates
  • Simple scalability so you can add users on the fly
  • Easier installation & maintenance than landline systems
  • Find Me/Follow Me, mobile conferencing, voice-to-email, IVR, & more
  • Cloud-hosted options that deliver even more savings & less management