Mobile Forensics

If your device is ever lost, damaged, or compromised, we'll get your data back fast!

Recover data from mobile devices and media in any condition

Our forensic experts can retrieve sent and received messages, recover lost or deleted images and videos, and investigate incoming and outgoing communications.

Your organization may have precautions in place to protect and recover data from computers and servers, but what about mobile devices and media? What happens if important contacts get deleted, or you require access to an employee cloud account that’s strongly encrypted? That is where Systems Chief can help.

We have partnered with Elcomsoft to provide Mobile Forensics services to businesses, government offices, and law enforcement agencies. We can perform retrievals of digital imprints, uncover the GPS history of a mobile device and its interactions at a certain date and time, break passwords and decrypt backups, and analyze all stored information.

Systems Chief has been retrieving data from mobile phones, tablets, digital recording devices, and more for startups to Fortune 500 to 501c.

Features of Systems Chief’s Mobile Forensics service include:

  • Blackberry Backup Explorer – analyzes legacy BlackBerry OS backups produced with BlackBerry Desktop Software
  • Cloud eXplorer for Windows and Mac – extracts everything from a Google Account
  • Explorer for WhatsApp – acquires and analyzes WhatsApp communication histories from multiple sources
  • Phone Breaker – obtains synchronized data from Apple and Microsoft accounts
  • Phone Viewer – analyzes information extracted with ElcomSoft and third-party acquisition tools with a fast, lightweight viewer
  • iOS Forensic Toolkit – performs the complete forensic acquisition of user data stored in iPhone/iPad/iPod devices